Bathroom Renovations On A Low Budget

Most people shy away from doing anything because of their budget, however, money does not always have to be a deciding factor when you want to get something done. That is why today we want to look at how you get can that dream bathroom renovation even though you have a low budget, just like how you can play online casino games even on a low budget. kiirinrxghdtyjdxtmkytyd

  • Mind the Tiles

Tiles can make and break a bathroom design. And in most cases that is why most shy away from the bathroom renovations, because tiles can be very expensive this is depending on the tiles that you want to use to be honest. 

However, if your budget is low, instead of tiling up the whole bathroom, you can simply focus on just the floors and a section of the walls. This will save significantly lower the cost  that you will have to use on the tiles. To be a little creative, you can also use leftover tiles for the floors to come up with your unique design this is as long as they match the colour scheme of the bathroom that is. 

  • Mind the Counter Tops

Before you begin your bathroom renovation you may have looked around to see what types of bathrooms there are around. And as you did so, we are sure that you can across several bathroom granite bathroom counter tops.  We have to admit that these are very beautiful, but are also very costly especially because they are in neutral colours. Also, what makes them even more expensive is the fact that you will only need to use them on a small area.

That is why instead of the granite counter tops you can try something a little bit more different like having a slab instead of the counter tops. Go for the slabs that have visible imperfections, because they will be cheaper. But do not let those imperfections bring you down, because even the greatest of imperfections can be made beautiful with the right design and complementary items.

  • Try Paint

We mentioned earlier that you can cut off on the tiles on the walls, and to cover up on that space, you can use paint. The best part about paint is that you can mix it and match it up into any colour that you may choose. Also with paint, you can easily do it yourself, with the right tutorial and a few practice lessons as well. 

However, you need to bear in mind that painting the bathroom can take much longer that you think it might. It may be smallest room in most cases it has some of the most notorious corners and curves in the whole house and these will need much of your attention.


That being said, you see, even with a low budget,  you can easily get that dream bathroom. You just need to be able to improvise and step out the box. You do not need to do things that everyone else is doing. Start a new trend, besides it is your home after all.