Phases Of Bathroom Renovation

As we embark through the journey of life we go through several phases. And in the same manner as we renovate our bathroom and our homes there are several phase that we go through. And that being said, we shall look at the five stages that we go though in the process of bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Renovation: Phase 1

Just like there are various stages that we go through when playing some online casino games, there are also a few stages that we got through bathroom renovation. Step one of that renovation process is the inspiration phase. 

Renovating your bathroom is like starting on an art project as such you need to have had the inspiration, while the thought may have been in your mind for a while, it takes a lot of inspiration for you to actually get up and start doing it.

And when the inspiration kicks in that is when you can see the end before you have even began, and this will then lead you to phase 2.

Phase 2: The Planning Phase

Now that you have your inspiration and know what you want even before you have begun you need to start with the planning. There are several aspects that you need to consider when you plan for your bathroom and we will look at them each briefly. 

  1. Cost: You need to make sure that you are able to afford the full renovation process
  2. Time Frame: How long will the renovations take and during that process what other bathroom will you and your family be using.
  3. The Design of your house: You want you bathroom to fit in with the rest of the house, therefore you don’t want anything to flashy and anything that will take up additional space.
  4. Maintenance: Will you be able to maintain the material that you want to use within the bathroom renovations? There are some materials that you may want to use but their maintenance is a bit too much
  5. The family views: Consider what the rest of family thinks about renovating the bathroom. But if you are staying alone, then go for it. If its a rented house, make sure that you contact the land lord before you start on any renovations.

Phase 3: Shopping

You know what it is that you can and cannot do, and we are sure that during the planning phase you also got in contact with a contractor who will be able to do the renovations. Now you need to get on with the shipping. But make sure that you stick to what the contractor told you buy and also make sure that you stay within your budget.

Phase 4: The Renovation 

During this time, you will watch as your bathroom is being transformed into your dream bathroom. And make sure that you don’t try to add anything within the process as this can easily throw you off budget.

Phase 5: Celebration

Now the renovations are done and its welcome home to the new bathroom.